Wake Up Challenge 2016

Wake Up Challenge is the first cable wakeboard competition of 2016 in Belgium. We gather all riders to start the new season together!

The competition will be in Jam Format!
We’re organizing Jam Sessions with more riders and more action.
Each heat will be 10 minutes long with 4 riders.
Time will start as soon as all riders are on the water.

Please register by entering the form below!

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There will be 4 categories:

Boys (-16)
Open Men
Open Women

There will be 4 judges, each judging 1 part of the Jam Session

During the Jam session, every rider tries to perform his best trick on each part. Only the best trick during the jam will count. Every part of the jam has a score. The best rider will get 1 point, second 2 points, third 3 points, fourth 4 points. The goal is to collect the least points possible.

e.g. Rider: Tom Soupart
Judge 1 Kicker: 3th place
Judge 2 Pyramid: 2nd place
Judge 3 Goprowakepool: 1st place
Judge 4 Airtrick: 4th place
Score: 10 points

The best score you can get per Jam Session is 4 points. The worst 16 points. The best two riders will go through to the next round or Final.

Entry Fee: €40 (BBQ included)
Spectators: FREE
Price giving: Trofee and gifts by Gopro, O’Neill, Dakine, Hyperlite, Unit, Liquid Force

BBQ: €15 (reservation required on info@lakesideparadise.be)

A Competition Licence is NOT required!
You only need to be insured through your local club, or get a day license at our club

Registration will close on thursday 31st of March 20h

We need to schedule the day for a clean competition and price giving in the evening…
This is depending on the amount of competitors!

Staying overnight in our Sleep Inn is possible !!
Please contact our Sleep Inn manager: ann-sophy@lakesideparadise.be
Or book online here

WAKE UP CHALLENGE 2016 | registration

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